Rip City Batting Cages
1045 E Juniper. Gilbert AZ 85234 (Inside Freestone Park)
   (480) 497- 9548

        Monday - Friday
        4:00pm - 9:00pm

       Saturday -Sunday
        4:00pm -  9:00pm

(Hours are subject to change)

Regular Price:
  20 Pitches:       $1.00
  120 Pitches:     $5.00

 Cage Rentals:
  1/2 Hour Rental:  $12.00
  1 Hour Rental:     $20.00

Live Pitching Tunnel:
  (L-screen, Fans, Lights)
   1/2 Hour Rental:   $8.00
  1 Hour Rental:      $15.00

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We now offer a Pitching Mound for $15hr
Arizona Southeast Baseball League!
**New Summer Hours**
Open everyday from 5:00om - 9:00pm​
Rip City will be closed
Tuesday July 14th due to Rain.